For Beekeepers

  • If you are an Arizona beekeeper and would like to collaborate in any way with American Bee Control, chances are, the door is open–we are eager to cooperate. First of all, let’s list the most frequent questions we receive from fellow beekeepers. Each of these is covered in detail in a separate section. Or please feel free to call us at (520) 780-1831 during business hours.
  • Question: Do you sell bees, queens, beehives or beekeeping equipment?
  • ABC: Yes, but not exactly. Our sister company, Wagon Wheel Ranch not only sells Pristine Honey™ but also nucleus colonies, beekeeping equipment, beeswax, Honey Only™ Barbecue sauce and other items.  Please note that we don’t collect unwanted or feral bees from customers and then resell the bees to beekeepers. The bees sold by Wagon Wheel Ranch are descended from bees rescued by American Bee Control, but have been strictly selected through multiple generations to conform to the highest expectations of modern-day beekeeping.
  • Question: Do you provide lessons in beekeeping?
  • ABC: No. As one of Arizona’s larger beekeepers, we are insured with respect to the range of activities that are core to our business of rescuing and relocating beehives. The type of insurance required to teach beekeeping is an entirely different policy, and not congruent with our mission. If this changes, we will gladly offer lessons, workshops, etc in the future.
  • Questions: Would you, ABC, refer customers to me, a fellow beekeeper, so that I can acquire additional colonies?
  • ABC: We make a point of assessing the needs of every person that contacts us. ABC isn’t everything to everybody. Most of the callers don’t really need the services we provide. We gladly point them in the direction of others, whether they are looking for an exterminator (a service we don’t provide) of a hobbyist beekeeper, or an arborist or a wildlife control specialist or other solution. We refer many hundreds of callers per year to others, including beekeepers, bearing in mind that American Bee Control is the “beekeeper of last resort” because there is no hive to big, or too high up or too deeply entrenched for us to humanely relocate alive–at a reasonable price. Please, fellow beekeepers, see our “Beekeeper Profile” form to let us know what kind of feral bee situation you are willing and able to handle and we happily refer prospective customers to you.