Beehives come in many sizes. This hollow tree had honeycombs 8 feet tall

American Bee Control

America’s Pioneer in Humane Relocation of Swarms & Wild Beehives

Using a wide range of technologies and proven processes, we remove alive and relocate beehives from most every place bees are found. From the tallest cellular tower to the deepest bomb shelter (yes, we’ve seen those and thousands of locations in between) we always take the bees alive.

Buy why should you care about whether the bees live or die? And why choose American Bee Control when there are exterminators by the hundreds who can get the bees “all dead” more quickly than we can set up our equipment? Here are a few reasons:

1. We know bees. We know what they can do and what they can’t. We know what they like and what they don’t. When it comes to rendering a site uninhabitable to future bee colonies, we are the experts, hands down, on how to dissuade bees from choosing your property.

Why is this important? Once a bee colony has inhabited a site, the chances are enormous that, in future seasons, another colony will choose it for their home. We never “zap the bees and cap their entryway.” Rather, we have a range of technologies—each of which greatly outlasts the duration of any lawful pesticide’s usefulness–that gives you the peace of mind that the bees are “gone for good.”

“I called looking for an exterminator. The fellow at American Bee listened to what I had to say and offered to recommend several exterminators who could ‘wipe them out ASAP’. I was surprised that he didn’t want to kill them. He politely explained that the live relocation option was the more cost-effective and more lasting solution. I’m not a lover of bees, but I recognized the value of having a long-term solution. The ABC crew did a great job and they gave me a nifty jar of honey upon arrival. It worked out great for me and, so I hear, also for the bees.”

–R. Gunderson, Tucson

Other customers report:

We had bees at each of the two houses we’ve lived in, east of U Arizona. In each case, we called American Bee Control and were very pleased that they did everything they said they would. In the first instance, two different beehives inhabited a stucco wall while we were overseas. American Bee deftly identified the precise locations and, with surgical precision, opened up the wall to take out all the honeycomb as well as the bees. Although the air was filled with bees at one point, they tricked the airborne bees into joining their companions in the new wooden beehive box. It was like a Pied Piper show. The second instance was much less involved. We appreciated the prompt, polite, and affordable service. Altogether a rewarding experience.

— A. Kaufmann, Tucson

We welcome any and all questions about bees and their impact on your home, office, business, family or ecosystem.

Please don’t hesitate to call us! We gladly give you our best advice whether our services fit your needs or another option may provide you better outcome. (520) 780-1831